Smart (and) phone :P


Hi, all. Now, I just want to share you my gadgets. They always accompany me traveling to everyplace, at least since I lived in Bandung. :D.

~(Actually I just want to write something in English again,but I can’t find any topic to write. So,I just write something in my hand. 😀 I miss English writing. )

They are not  new phones (of course!). They  actually not my mine. The first phone, N6300 is my mother phone. My mother used it after my father bought the new phone. Yes, this phone is like an heritage from my family. :D. And also, my second phone, Sony Ericsson K530i is an heritage from my sister. All of them are just heritage from my family.

result from my K530i
result from my N6300
result from my N6300

I have an opinion about electronic gadget. We know that every electronic gadget have limitations. Every month, especially for  phone, vendor produces and launch the new phones. Not only one, even 3 phones in one month. And the impacts is the prices of the phone will be decreased. Why? Because the vendor also launch the new capabilities of their new phone, so you will feel that your new phone is the old phone.  That’s always happen.

This  phenomena is not suitable with the person like me that always think about investment. (Hehe). So, I prefer to use my phone, until they cant be used anymore.

However, these my phone are smart enough. I used my N6300 as a Modem (to connect the Internet). Although the speed is low (2G phone – max 20kbps ), I still can use this phone just for check email and browsing. I used this phone also as a gateway when I want to transfer the photo from my SE K530i to my  computer. This phone also have a radio, and can storage some music files. I also can synchronized this phone with my outlook calendar, notes and contact. Smart enough, right?

For K530i, I used this phone as my digital camera. Ya, as we know, SE always have a better camera than Nokia. :P. This phone also have a better speaker for listening the music.  And one more things, this phone have a front camera, so I can use the video call for work.

See? All things already fulfilled with these 2 phones. Smart? Yes, every phone is smart when the user is smart. So, here me, Smart (people) and my (old) phone. 😛


this photo is taken from My friend BlackBerry 5MP, not my phone 😛

3 thoughts on “Smart (and) phone :P

  1. Wah, baru liat lagi. ternyata udah banyak aja catatan kakak. 😀

    Hehe. aku tertohok masa baca ini. apalagi bagian: every phone is smart when the user is smart. So, here me, Smart (people) and my (old) phone.

    Astagaa, kayaknya aku orang paling gaptek se-Asia Tenggara deh. Ckck.

    Buka sesi tutoring nggak kak?

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