Language, 言語の, لغة


What do you think about this title?  You must be curious right with the content of this post?

🙂 Simple! It’s about how do you attract your reader with your writing! 🙂


However, I do not want to discuss about how to attract reader on writing. I just want to write about, how coooollll person who can speak many languages.


Do you know? Here, in my company, I met many person from many country and with different languages. Almost everyday I talk with my bos in Huawei, with English. He used English, but with Chinese accent. And I also met Axis Boss from Egypt, England and other European Country.


I like them, when they are talking with the people from same country. Chinese with other Chinese, Egyptian with Egyptian. And also same hometown, such as Minang with Minang.


I just want to know, what  they are talking about! Haha..


I want to learn many languages. Just to overhear them!



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