Beautiful Night Jakarta

This morning, I got an email from my supervisor. He told me to assist the survey team to check the preparation for Swap in Axis Project.  At first time, I felt happy, because it’s mean I will get allowance for my trip outside Jakarta. Haha, you know, once you work outside Jakarta in my company, You will be paid in USD, and the amount were same with 3 times your salary per day. 🙂

But, I wrong. I assisted the survey team in Axis Building, in Kuningan Jakarta. ( I lost my allowance, haha).  And I was given many tasks here. Here, I help Survey team to check and review the TSSR, the important documents needed before me and my truly division work.


Never mind , I think. Here, I got many new friends from other division. Pak Rico, Distra, Hary, Ryudha, Lukman, Yudha, and the Survey Team Boss, Mao. They were very busy person.  Haha. (You know, In my division, we will busy in early morning, at 00.00 Am. haha)

Now, at 7.03 PM. I am still here, in 18th floor of Axis Building. And you know my friend : I can see the beautiful Jakarta in the night. From this beautiful building. Very beautiful.

This is most beautiful place to see Jakarta at night ever I visited. I love it.

Romantic, Peaceful.



6 thoughts on “Beautiful Night Jakarta

  1. kebanyakan haha nya nih (kritik penulisan)

    sometime i wanna see Jakarta in late night, at least to verify this article,,hahaa

  2. well,,it will be our next plan I think,
    as usual, we always make several plan, but
    let’s see, which one will be realized #nantangin

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