honest fighting

there was one question in my mind.. Maybe you also asking for this question.

What was I fighting for?

We can easily asnwer this question with ;

My life, my future and my family life..

Nationalist person will aswer : Indonesia, I want to make Indonesia Better with my hand.

Religious person : My God, and My Religion

Sosialist ; All people life, especially marginally people, poor people.

Artist ; My Popularity, and exsistence


second question for you, and us..

Am I really convinced with your answer? Have I been honest with myself?




I don’t know, just you (I) and Allah who know..



4 thoughts on “honest fighting

  1. fighting!!! ciaaaatt…. (like in karate kid) hohoo.. ane pertamax gan!! 😛

    yes, I think in our life we must fighting, fighting about our belief, dreams and other.

    fur mich, ich mochte verwirklichen mein traum.

    träumen, was es ist, die Traumwelt, Karriere und akhirat traum..

    because life is all about dreaming!!

    nice post by the way..

  2. hey.. shiva..

    Can you speak Germany? woow!!

    “For me, I would realize my dream.
    to dream what it is, the dream-world, career and Akhirat dream ..” –> the meaning from Gtranslate.. 😀

    thank you..

  3. Maybe you also asking for this question.

    “maybe you also ask this question”

    marginally people

    marginal people”

    just you (I) and Allah who know..

    “just you(I) and Allah know”

  4. ralat ah

    “marginally people”

    marginalized people

    “just you (I) and Allah who know..”

    You(I) and Allah are the ones who know
    *sepertinya lebih jelas maksudnya

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