2 weeks study have been passed.. And, What things have I done? Nothing.. I mean, nothing about my final project, and about my dreams. Although I done some of my responsibility, but I still waste my time. HAAAAH!!


I lost my dream to be an exchange student, because I was late to take a TOEFL test.. , I want to see my NF score first before the real TOEFL test. But, I realized that the deadline of applications was only one week after My NF test.  My last TOEFL test was not accepted, and I had to take the new TOEFL score.. Huaah!!

I will do my best in the last opportunity..


My final project?? I have to find the new theme, new title..  Is there enough time ?? Ya, if I am focus to complete it!


Hey, Spirit.. Come to me..



2 thoughts on “productive

  1. hahha…u were waster…ehehe

    student exchange???? wawww.,…. u have that dream???, i am too. hey, come on, maybe u lost ur dream to exchange, but u will have many opportunity in the future, u can study abroad for a magister degree, right????

    and about ur final project, emmm…maybe u can share for a senior person or lecturer to get a new’s my suggest…

    come on cheer up,
    “we must be WINNER”

  2. 😀

    thanks adit have come in my blog.. welcome to the jungle of mind..

    ya dit, and I just only have one chance before I graduate.. (insyaallah).. Have you take the TOEFL test? If not, you have to take the test soon.. You will need it whenever you want to apply scholarship and job..

    thanks adit for your advice.. 😀

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