Full of mind

I just want to tell what I feel.


I worry about IME and IEEE. I hope, they can support each other. I ever lead IME, and know everything. Every difficulties that they faced. Every worries that they felt.  I initiate the IEEE because I want to improve electrical engineering students, and to promote every IME events. IEEE and IME should become partner, work together, make an event together. They will never compete, if IME and IEEE works on their right way. They will be a partner, if they work and coordinate well.Believe me. I am the responsible person of IEEE establishment.

IME is the distinguished and highest organization in Electrical Engineering. It will never replaceable,even with IEEE.

IEEE should be an university level’s organization, and be the partner of IME, and Electrical Engineering Student.


I haven’t write anything yet about my seminar. Even, I have not get the specific topic yet. Yap, it was worrying. We now just learn and try how to setting,and run the application on that software. I just have 1,5 month to complete it. Bismillah..


My activities is not like a student who takes 22 credits for this semester. I never study well. Hoaah!!!!!!


I have complete my structural responsibility on IEEE.  And I got the Best Committee in IEEE Student Branch Universitas Indonesia. In spite of our weaknesses, we feel satisfied with the progress of IEEE member, especially about English Ability. Now, IEEE members have more confidence to speak in English. They have more fluent in English conversation. At least, look like fluent. 🙂


I still have responsibility in Exercise and nbw. Contributions owed.I will complete it, my leaders.  I will never leave an organization, before I have contributed well there.


Malaysia.. I will thinking about you later, after my Mid Test. I promise, I will go there, bismillah.


We (Calya Shirt Team’s) got a grant from UI Young Smart Entrepreneurship Program 2010. Horray!!




3 thoughts on “Full of mind

  1. good luck for the IME and IEEE …
    I am sure, both can run synergy without each other “collision” …
    just need the technical path and good communication …
    and of course, cooperation and mutual trust…
    I am very confident, integrity and intellect UI students are no longer doubtful …
    so just show it, what is the best you can do …

    optimize all the potential you faisal …
    do not let your academic slumped!!!

    by the way I just knew, you intend to study in malaysia???

  2. Henny!! Thanks for comment! Haha.. I ever think, you’ll never read my blog again..haha..

    Ya, I hope so hen about them. But in fact, IEEE now still be like a department level organization,not an University level organization.. Its make IME feel they(IEEE) compete with IME

    Ya, bismillah hen, Prayer for me.. 🙂

    Ya, I want to study in other countries, wherever. But now, I just want to go there,. Not for study..hehe.. ( I’ll tell U later..)

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