My Cultural Heritage and Me

This essay is made for attend one conference.I hope I can attend that conference. If I failed, at least, I got new post in my blog.  😀 (Bismillah, Work, and Tawakkal)


My Cultural Heritage and Me

Indonesia. State where I was born and lived this is a very special country. Indonesia is very beautiful. Yes, every good citizen would have praised his country. However, this is my country, Indonesia has been revered and praised a lot of people, not just citizens. Indonesia has natural resources are very rich. Indonesia is the country with the longest coastline in the world. Wow! Can you imagine how you could play on the long beaches that are spread in Indonesia? Indonesia, a beautiful island nation, with a wealth of natural resources are very rich. No wonder, if the first, our country has become bone of contention when we were not yet independent. Communities spread across many islands, with hospitality, culture and languages of different regions. Yes, we, the Indonesian state is very rich.

Speaking richness of Indonesian culture, it means speaking heritage of the ancestors. The legacy of the indigenous people of each region. They stayed, settling in an area and socialize with one another. Each of them form the rules, language and everything that can help their lives. They make life tools, cooking utensils, a tool for ritual beliefs, and others. Each region, must have cultural differences from each other, although the gap between regions with one another not too far away. Amazing is not it? How can you imagine, the extent of Indonesia with the many cultures that exist.Yes, as I said before, Indonesia is very rich. Indonesian culture is very rich.

But unfortunately, this wealth is not so recognized by the people of Indonesia at this time. Along with the times, people who care about Indonesian cultural heritage fewer and fewer. People are more interested in something modern, derived from the world’s fashion centers, such as Paris and Milan. In fact, Indonesian cultures is admired by people around the world. Example is batik, a form of clothing craft highly favored by the people abroad. Batik became very famous for its beautiful style, patterns and images shown by batik. And every region has batik, definitely has a style, pattern and a different picture. Very exclusive and beautiful. However, awareness of Indonesian society is still lacking. Until, Batik is launched by UNESCO as typical Indonesian cultural heritage. It was only Indonesian people in droves to use batik. Likewise, Indonesian dances. Indonesian society will wake up to his wealth, after a lively talk about the media because there are problems.






I am sure, the people of Indonesia in love with the culture of Indonesia. They are simply less aware of, how rich this country where they were born. They need a reminder, and sometimes conflict to awaken them. Media play a huge role on this. When the media able to lift all the beauty and rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, I believe the more people who maintain, use and preserve the culture of Indonesia. In fact, the Indonesian people should be able to hang with preserving the cultural life of Indonesia. They can replenish its economic needs, with creative preserve the cultural heritage of each region. Is not just those coming from the area, who understood very well how that culture? Would not that be something very unique? Is not that true wealth is inherited by their ancestors?

Now it’s time to talk about myself. Have you been trying to keep the cultural heritage of Indonesia, Faisal?  What have you done in preserving the cultural heritage of Indonesia?  Yes. With pride, I say yes. I preserve it in my own way. I was with my friend, have a business plan that can participate to preserve the culture of Indonesia. As I describe in the form and my CV, I attended a “UI-Young and Smart Entrepreneurship Program”. We propose a business idea, to make T-shirts for youth, with patterned cultures clothes from all regions in Indonesia. We made shirts that will be devoted to youth, so that the youth in Indonesia can be proud to use Indonesia’s cultural heritage, without fear of looking old. With the increasing number of Indonesian culture which was appointed on daily life, will certainly a growing sense of love of the homeland, the love to keep the Indonesian culture. Yes, that’s our expectation.

I love Indonesia. And I’m sure I could spread this love to other Indonesian society. I love you, Indonesia.

Faisal Jamil

Universitas Indonesia


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