Lone(ly) Ranger

Sometimes, I feel so lonely in the world. Yup, I dont know why. I just think because I life with all my friend who have someone like idol (gebetan-in bahasa gaul 😛 ).Haha.. That a stupid reason.

Ya, that is the way I have chose before. I know that that is the best way for me. But sometimes, when my best friends tell me about her/his idol, i fell lonely again. Haha.. What an unstable (labil) person I am!!

I miss all my friends. I miss that moment that we can talk together, play, eat, make a joke, tell about our idol, talk heart to heart and the others things. I miss you already my friends.

Sometimes people grumble. That why, Allah SWT says that every people made with grumble character. But, you can make it a reason, that you can always grumble with every problem which you  faced. Beside grumbling, Allah have made a patience, the character that will accompany people in their live.

Surya Kencana Hills

Oh ya, my class in this new semester has just started. I fell shock, when I realized that this semester will be busy semester,because I have some subject that project based. Ooh,,my internship report, my seminar,all my conference. Could you all share your time?? 😦


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