Nervous- AAYF 2010

I just wanna share you. Tomorrow, I am going to Bandung, West Java. I have been selected as participant of Asia Afrika Youth Forum 2010. This in my first international conference (that there is selection to join). I was very nervous for tomorrow.

In fact, I just have a spirit, and some confidence. My English conversation is bad. Same with my writing ability. I have no experience, how to face others international participants from many countries. I am very nervous now. You know, i just make the essays for this conference, in one day (when i am on internship sesion, :P))

I just hope, I can do the best for next week in AAYF 2010. I think, the starting for my dream is in this conference. I want to going abroad around the world.


9 thoughts on “Nervous- AAYF 2010

  1. enjoy ur time there =) d’big opportunities that being done by a leader are take a risk n also take an action! SMANGKA!!!

  2. That’s great,,you’ve already tried it. something will never come twice if you never start from the first side..come on,the world is waiting for the young people who care about the world,esp our country..
    And the biggest challenges are not from outside but from inside..Just confidence,after all ALLAH will give you the best..Then, just try for abroad too,because overseas will give you more opportunities and new networking..success ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Then,I’m so sorry.I gave you some comments on your blog. I searched AAYF 2010 and it followed me to your blog.hahaha:) Actually, before the Conference I thought that I’ll join to the conference,but I should choose,between AAYF and JAYSES. I chose JAYSES,so i couldn’t join with AAYF..then congrats for you, because you could join with the conference. I believe that I was so amazing, right??

  4. To FIK:

    wew.. runner UP “MAPRES” Mipa come to my blog..haha..

    congrats FIK, for your JAYSES participation. Actually, I want to join JAYSES too,but I remember about JAYSES when fia told me that she join JAYSES. I have read about JAYSES announcement before,but I forgot to apply.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    hmm.. Ya..thats very amazing for me, especially becouse it was my first experience join int’l conferece..haha.. it was very useful for me to practice in english conversation.. :D:D ( I think thats not the answer you need.. :D:D)

    ya, FIK, i want to be like you, can join many int’l event in the world.. I like it very much.. Hope I can make it come true.. (amiin,, buat lo juga..)

    congrats too, fik.. thanks for coming.. I never expect this post become one of the top post in google search.. (in AAYF keyword) :D:D

  5. hahahhaa..hey where did you know that I’m the runner up of MIPA’s the most outstanding student??No, I think I’m just lucky jamil..

    Actually, JAYSES is just my trying, almost JAYSES participants are engineers and I’m the first one student from science moreover Geography.haha, just tried to join and fortunately I got the chance..LUCKY again..

    Yeah, First time on International conference always like you know so stupid, so nervous, so afraid..and so..haha,I felt it when I attended at The ASIA EUROPE meeting in Brunei. It was really nervous, but after it, we will feel more confident..Just first time, I think its usual for everyone..Especially if on the biggest Int’l conference with so many European people or everyone who we though higher than us..right??

    hahaha, please don’t to be like me.I’m not special one, I’m just LUCKY..hahaha…But maybe we can share our experience and something like conference or everything each other..

    glad to see you on you blog..
    cheers and good luck for everything Jamil… ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. yaa..of course I know.. we ever meet in UI-Young Enterpreneur and Smart Program 2009, last years. I remember because you are an unic person ( very small :P).. Hehe.. And about MAPRES, I know from Adhul, and I ever read a banner in MIPA, about outstanding student like you.. (near pharmacy department building)

    WOW!! COOL!! Maybe you can say that you just a lucky person, but it COOL!!

    Ya,, of course we can share our experience each other.. hey,Please give your link in your FB when you post a new post.. ( I think, we had being a friend in FB)

    Ohya,,please call me faisal. Actually its not a problem when you call me jamil, but I think, I like to be called “faisal”…

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