All leaders, which I work in your organizations, I apologized for all my works that are not resolved well.

I was felt so tired. I tired with all activities that not finished well. I hate someone that say about team work, but he didn’t work at all. I hate with all peoples that always say that he hate with “organization”, but he don’t give his contribution at all. I hate with all my dreams, that I can’t doing my best to realize it. I hate with starting something new task/dream, that I was lazy to finish it. I remember that my friend ever says, “Don’t start if you won’t to finish it”! Yes, I know it, and she is true. And she has proved me that she can get the things that she has struggled to get.

I have read many books about motivation. I know that people must be patient and have clear mind and motivation when trying to get something. Yes, I understand it well. I know that, people sometimes have to choose one option, when he was walk on intersection. And all consequences that he met must be accepted with sincere. I just feel tired now, and I want to say that I tired.


2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. just relax your mind! 🙂

    only by themselves who can solve their own problem!
    just open head, heart, and hand to know each others, especially ourselves! :”)

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