I learn about meaning of  life.. 

Everything, without exception..

I often fell.  A deep fell. In the fell, I tried to look others. I saw that many people fell down, and they got more painful than mine.

I ever got success too.. And when I got success, I tried to see others, that have better achievment than me. I done it, just to give me more spirit to do better..

And I knew, I was wrong
I should see that both side, in the same time. I think, maybe this way that made me be not grateful to Allah SWT  and maybe, it made me strengthless

I try to see something  from some sides..
I just want to see all life-puzzle which is exist in my life, being a complete and real story…
I learn how to be grateful to Allah from failed and success. I just want to get a comprehensive knowledge about how to be a gratefull person.

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