-up and down-


i just want to share something in my life..

1. finally, I can play  a DRUM. With just play  drum twice in studio, I can play a drum. Autodidact. It is my dream.  Altough i know that my play is not so good, I think with some practice I can be a good drummer, like Gilang Ramadhan or other Indonesian Drummer (Hueek). At least, I can play it at my PSB (Pelepasan Sarjana Baru)/ Electrical Graduated Party or Makro (Malam Keakraban Elektro)  / Electrical Friendship Night. Haha.. Let see there. I will give the invitation for my concert soon.. Do you want?? haha..

2. my first competition using english language ;The IEEE Presidential Change The World.  Actually,I just want to copy paste and shorten from my other competition  documents (ImagineCup) . So, I think it is easy to me to do it in one night. But, in fact, I meet many problems. The biggest problem is translate my Indonesia document to English. Haha.. Yayaya..and the solution is, first, i took it to google translate, and then, correct the wrong grammar ( as i can) haha.. Yeah, it just about habit..

3. I failed in my toefl test. I got score < 500. So I loss my chance to my other dream. But, i think, maybe it is time to me to more serious in learn english. Especially in grammar. With my experience in The IEEE competition and Toefl test, i know, i must learn seriously about english..

Allah is merciful. Allah is fair. There are up and down.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Man jadda wa jada. Atthalaq 2-3.

hehe… how about you??


Something new in my class this semester. There is one student from Germany. He took the exchange program to Indonesia and took the Telecommunication Engineering course. I hope, I can know more about Germany from him. Also know about how he’s feeling in exchange program.. The question is, why you choose Indonesia??  Its so strange for me..


4 thoughts on “-up and down-

  1. I think u are speak out about the type of quark particle “up and down”…

    Same with me, brother..!
    I always wonders, “why english so hard for me? Will english be a big burdens for me to face the world challenge?”
    but I hope.. I can

  2. yeah… I think your problem is grammar! how about me? mine is in listening! hehe… but, never mind lah! no-offense! try to practice, practice, and always practice in everywhere, in everytime 🙂

    before picture,
    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…”
    it should be => if+past perfect, so+to be+have+3rd form
    because it was already happened….
    (aduh, lupa… gak yakin juga.. hehe)

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