-the new era-

yeah, i’ll start to write this blog with the new way. In english (insyaallah). Why i want to use english? It simple. My english abilities  is bad. In many test that i’ve done, i got the bad score. And the problem is in grammar and vocabulary. I think the key : using english is not my habit.. So i think,the simplest way to start using english as a habit is write my blog in english.. I hope, all my friend who read this blog will help me to correct my word or grammar.. (please my friend ^_^)

the second reason is, i want to be famous!! i think, using english is the best way to connect with the abroad reader and blogger.. with using english, google will find my blog when someone find the key word ; the new era, grammar,vocabulary,and many others words, clauses and sentences that i used.. i hope, Kristen Stewart will read my blog and like my article, so she want to meet me..(haha,,crazy!!)


i want to study abroad!! i want to go around the world!! and english will be my weapon!

i am the first mover



12 thoughts on “-the new era-

  1. yeah.. the structure you used is not correct! exactly in using “Why i want to use english?”. it should be, “Why did I use English?” or “Ehy did I wanna use English?”. as you wrote before, the problem is grammar ussage. 🙂

    but, it’s good! being the first mover!

    anyway, you have already using English in your blog! you finished it! so, you shouldn’t used “will” in you first statement..
    it’s different way in Indonesian and English…

    isabella swan? haha….

    hmmm….practice at all..
    I appreciate at yours! (FB said, like this lah! haha)
    I’m proud of you, guys!
    Reach all of your dreams! You can get it, insya Allah… 🙂

  2. haha,, thanks za..

    actually, it is the first english article which i wrote directly in my blog.. the article “i am an ordinary person” is just “copy-paste” from my Mc-Kinsey Essay. so,this is the first article..

    i’m sure, after i wrote my blog with english, you’ll do it too..
    as i said, i am the first mover..

    i know that many people support me, and i wont dissapointing my friend..


  3. – i’ll start
    – it simple
    – my english abilities
    – in many test
    – and the problem is in grammar and vocab
    – the simplest……….. is write….
    -i hope…………… will
    – with the abroad,,,,,,,,,
    – with using….
    i lihat hal hal di atas perlu di cek kembali..
    please call if u need an assist

  4. nana:
    I start
    its simple
    my english ability
    in many tests
    and the problems are the usage of the grammar and vocabulary

    apa lagi ya na??

    insan kamila: tukeran link yok mba.. salam kenal juga..

  5. mr faisal,, u are the best boy sal, . u always think to try a something which make u are better. ,
    honestly, i like ur article, it’s fun, nice dan the important is giving inspiration dan motivation for reader.

    and, i want to try using english also, but i think i am like faisal “my abilities is bad” …hohohoho, so i will try it….GO GO BLOGGER

    sory if my english is not good , i am learning too…

  6. wew… adit, there is something wrong I thought… no offense! 😀

    faisal, hmm… I didn’t thought about your essay before!
    hmm… I think, it is same as being expressed by nana, the word usage of yours! “i’ll start…” bla.. bla…

    will I do it? haha…. we’ll see… 😀

  7. hehe.. thanks fit..

    adit: do your best boy.. hehe.. i’am the first mover..
    its not a problem when you make some mistakes. actually you will more remember the things that you false than the things that you correct..so just learn

    make u are better. ,
    honestly, i like ur article, it’s fun, nice dan the important is giving inspiration dan motivation for reader.

    and, i want to try using english also, but i think i am like faisal

    maybe, the correct sentences are..
    -make u better- the important are- using english too- i like faisal”…..”-

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