I am an ordinary person


I am an ordinary person. I am just an ordinary student who is believed by the other electrical students to become a leader of the highest institutions in the scope of student affairs department. Before I became  a chairman, I am an ordinary person, so when I lead, and finished leading the institution  of IME, I am still an ordinary person.


ordinary people













Previously, I was not overly concern about the activities outside the academic. When I was in high school, I attended a motivational non-academic activities to get a lot of experience. I do not understand the essence, the benefits and how to do something to give the best in others. But all thing I get when I became a vice committee of human resource development division of IME 2008, a year before I lead IME 2009 as a whole.
I am not the type of a leader who leads with a spirit of ‘surge’, smart-oration with, or speak with a strong rhetoric. I am just an ordinary person, I lead by as much as possible always remind every people of the their obligations, duties and also about exiting field conditions. I lead by as much as possible to greet friends in one my organization, make a joke, behave even funny just to make them laugh. I am not ashamed to express anxiety heart, even through tears. I want to feel close to all the members of the organization that I lead, without separation at all. I said they are my family, friends forever. I try to lead with the heart.
I am not the type of person too rigid and stiff about all the existing traditions in electro students. If anything I feel useful, and perhaps to do, I will do it. Although the different traditions and the demands come to arrive. I will convince my friends in my team to sure something good. I will answer all questions about: “Why is this?”or “Is not afraid like this?”. And others. And I will answer it all back with a smile after the event was over.
IME 2009 and I have tried to change the paradigm that the event of Electro’s Night Familiarity outside the city. Although much opposition at first , after the event was held over in the city, all expressed satisfaction. We hold the New Graduate Thanksgiving  in the room, and formal appearance, so our professors feel surprised about this change. We present a famous motivator to our campus freely, with business-lobby lobby to him (thanks to Mr. William Wiguna ). We hold exhibitions and seminars motivation for scientific activities that successfully attended by many people. Tafakkur ‘Alam, Electro Charity, official website of  IME, all are new activities for the IME UI 2009. Yes, we try to provide a new and fresh for Electrical Engineering Department UI. And of course all useful activities.
IEEE Student Branch formation was the result of the UI for us. An international professional organization ,  the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) has had a student’s first branch in Indonesia. With all the problems there, Yep, we made it!!
Yes, as my obsession before I get ahead in the conclave IME almost a year ago, I just want to make up Electrical Engineering Department UI. I want to make electro UI proud of my work. I want my friends who have been given the opportunity for me to set these Electrical Student Association for a year is no regrets. Moreover, on the set all my life, I do not want this leadership to weigh my future reckoning, no one is listed as my good deeds. I hope Allah blessing me and IME.


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